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Stomper and Conejo - Lift The Curse

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Track List
1. Enter the curse (intro) 
2. Welcome To The Vendetta    
3. The Murder Rate  
4. Urban Kings  
5. Sudden Impact  
6. Real Scarfaces  
7. Cry For Me  
8. Sign Of The Apocalypse Feat: Ybe (Skimask Mafia)  
9. Fist Full Of Bullets Feat: Misfit Soto  (SKM) 
10. Shadow Of Death Feat: Ybe (Skimask Mafia) 
11. Hood Menace  
12. La Revolucion Feat: Veneno (Tattoo Ink) 
13. Set For Life Feat: J.Hind (Dreamtime) 
14. Lift The Curse (Outro)