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NB Ridaz: Greatest Hits

$9.99 USD

  • Out of Print
  • All Cds are physical cds
  • From the original press, not re pressed
  • Original Packing 
  • Not CDR
  • Rare and no longer made 
  • Low in stock


1.4-Ever Ft. Angelina

2.My Angel Ft. Mr. Copone-e


4.Girl Ft. C-Note

5.Crazy Ft. Gemini

6.Pretty Girl

7.I Wanna Luv You Ft. Nichole

8.So Fly Ft.Gemini

9.Tu Eres Ft. Mindy Moreno

10.Lost In Love

11.Until I Die Ft. Gemini

12.Notice Me Ft Angelina

13Panties Droppin’

14.Wishin Ft. Amanda E. Hendrix

15.Beautiful Ft. Mr. Sancho

16.Baby Girl

17.I Had A Choice

18.Diego Town Ft. Mr. Sancho

19.Southwest Ridaz Ft. Mr. Shadow

20.Magic’s Custom CD’s