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Ms Krazie - Forgive Not Forget

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1.Nobody Else - Feat D Salas
2.Sedated (Got Me Fucked Up) - Feat Carolyn Rodriguez
3.Never Let Me Go -Feat  Knightowl
4.A Mothers Lullaby - Feat Betsy
5.Homegirl Dry Your Eyes
6.Love You Till Death - Feat Problemaz, Kozme
7.Why You Worried? - Feat T Train
8.Your Everything
10.Can You Forgive Me - Feat Mc Magic
11.Cuando Me Querias - Feat Jehu, Fer Ochoa (Lead guitar)
12.Forgive Not Forget -Feat  Lala Romero, D Salas
13.Real Good
14.Little Heavens - Feat Betsy
15.Love Of The Sick - Feat Duende
16.Vivir Sin Tu Amor - Feat Knightowl

*Bonus Songs 
17.Love You Till Death - Feat Kozme (Radio Version)
18.Tu No Eres Nada - Feat  Garzia, Silenciosa
19.What You've Done - Feat Mz Lovely, Wicked Babydoll