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1. How we do in Cali Feat Stainless Steel 
2. In the Southside feat Payaso and Ms krazie 
3. I got your bitch Feat Baby snyper 
4. Catching Feelings 
5. Trouble Feat Maskerade 
6. Gangstaland feat Sweepy Loco 
7. Doing them things feat Dyablo 
8. Till the Casket drops feat Dessta Dee 
9. You cant fuck with us Feat Abusivo and Mal Hablado 
10. Gangsta Skit 
11. What a women needs 
12. Represent that street life 
13. Southern Cali Feat Cls 
14. Watching you Feat Dreama and Deesta Dee 
15. Pass me the heat Feat the pricks 
16. bonus Track With la Sinfonia ** Bonus video and interview insert in your pc to view..