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Midget Loco: Steel Banging Musick

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2.Death Of Studio Gangsters
3.We Gonna Ride Ft. Spanky Loco, Stomper, Young Brown
4.You Get No Love Ft.Toro, Young Brown
5.We Keep It Street Ft. Young Brown, Toro
6.P’s Up Ft. Stomper, Troub Nasty
7.Real Gangaters Never Die Ft. Toro, Stomper
8.We Stay Strapped  Ft. Toro, Young Brown
9.Slip Slip Ride Ft. Toro, Young Brown, Shady Boy
10.Gangster Girl Ft. Toro, Young Brown, Cricks
11.Creep With Me Ft. Troub Nasty
12.Welcome To The Show Ft. Toro, Young Brown, D I G’d Gangster, Cricks
13.Where From Ese Ft. Lil Yogie, ShadyBoy
14.We Won’t Stop Ft. Toro, Young Brown
15.Wicked wicked West Ft. Trout Nasty, Toro, Young Brown
16.Soy Pandillero Ft. Toro, Boy of WCCG
17.Steel Banging On The Block Ft. Toro