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Lil Cuete - Gun Play

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Lil Cuete 
" Gun Play"
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2.Gun Play (feat Kozme’)
3.Ain’t F*#$ing With Us (feat Roscoe)
4.Can’t Hang
5.Ready To Burn (feat Kozme’)
6.They Say I Shouldn’t Be With You (feat Mariah Love)
7.My Everything
8.Me & My Girl (feat Kozme)
9.You Already Know
10.Won’t Give Up The Fight (feat Angel Rodriguez)
11.If You’re Looking For Trouble (feat Kozme’)
12.Scratched Off The Bitch List (feat Sicko Soldado & Kozme’)
13.The Quickest
14.Love Me Right
15.Ride With Me (feat David Salas)
16.Never Should Have Done You Wrong (feat Clint G.)
17.Paparazzi (feat Kozme’)
18.Rest Of Our Lives
19.Wife You (feat Damon Reel)
20.I Don’t Know Why