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Krazy Race - The Rapture

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"The Rapture"

Song List coming soon
1. “Slept On” Part I.
2. “Street Renegade”
3. “The Rapture”
4. “The Skies Are Grey” Ft. Knosense of Concrete Saints & Enemy of O.T.W
5. “Tales From The Casket”
6. “True Story” (Remix Winner by Tnut)
7. “Violence” Ft. Scheme of The Molemen
8. “For The Streets, For The People” Ft. Kid Frost
9. “How It Went Down” (The System)
10. “Why Me” (Remix Winner by Elespecialista)
11. “Evolution of Revolution” Ft. Politik of Corner Block Music
12. “The Racist Agenda” (SB 1070)Ft. Brown Caesar & Bambu
13. “We Don’t Play In L.A.” Ft. Stomper & Chino Brown
14. “Slept On” Part II.
15. “I Won’t Stop” (Remix Winner by Mister AG)
16. “Live & Learn” Ft. Rakaa of Dilated Peoples
17. “Lil-Man” Ft. Eric Mondragon of DW3
18. “Life Is