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Kill Kapone DVD

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Kill Kapone
Young gang member Kapone is almost out of time
after being falsely accused of being a snitch by
his own gang. As a result, Kapone finds himself battling
for his survival in 13 action-packed hours in the hood. Ruthless
gang leader, Crow, orders hood prospects, Sick and Blind to kill
Kapone before the end of the day - no matter what it takes.
The two young assassins, who are desperately trying to move up 
the gang's ladder and make names for themselves, brutally hunt 
down their prey in a "no-where-to-hide" situation for Kapone. 
At the day's end, almost a dozen people are killed in the worst 
day of gang-related violence in the history of East L.A. 

The Movie is a must See.

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