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Hi Power Presents La County South Siders'

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Hi Powser Presents
"La County Surenos"

Featuring Scrappy Loco, Mr Criminal
Mr Capone-e and more

1.LA County South Side Roll Call
2.Keep It Real - (with Menace)
3.Not Your Ordinary Rapper - (with The Real Snapper)
4.City Where No Pity Is Shown, The - (with Mr. Conejo)
5.Say Hey - (with Scrappy Loco)
6.Waiting To See - (with Cyclone)
7.LA County Most Wanted - (with Lil Cuete/Mr. Capone-E/Mr. Criminal)
8.Realist, The - (with Soldier Ink, featuring Lil Cuete)
9.Same Song - (with Frank V./The Stomper/Grumpy)
10.En Mi Barrio - (with Spider, featuring Seis/Sporty Loco)
11.Pop Lockin' - (with Ese Villen/Lysto)
12.Gang Stories - (with Mr. Capone-E)
13.Asesino - (with Mr. Criminal)
14.Bang - (with Mr. Capone-E)
15.Lets Ride - (with Lil Sic/Spanky Loco/Huero Snipes)
16.LA County Outro