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1. Intro  
2. Crucified- Bozo  
3. Keep it gangster- Mr Criminal 
4. Stiill on the grind- Mr Capone-e & Zapp 
5. On a Mission- Malow Mac 
6. They aint hard= Bozo, Mr. Criminal 
7. Ballad of a soldier- Mr Capone-e 
8. Let me know- Stomper, Bozo 
9. Cant Hold me down- Lil Tweety 
10.Still gonna Shine- Stomper, Bozo 
11.If you a rider- mr Criminal 
12.Tell me why- Stomper ( Soldier Ink) 
13. Let it rain- Soldier Ink 
14. Silent Back- Mr Silient 
15. Bangin the beats- Scrappy Loco 
16.We Twisted- Blazer, Lokote 
17. Outro