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Frost All Oldies

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OLD WEST Presents
"Frost All Oldies"

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1. (Intro) Oldies Rule Forever
2. Tweet Tweet
3. I'm Still Here
4. I Got To Do Wrong
5. Sly Slick And Wicked
6. East Los West Coast California
7. Hood Chick
8. What A Price To Pay
9. Wanted Man
10. Saturday At The Park
11. Me and My Homies
12. Definition of A Hustler
13. Clouds My Eye
(Skit) Take A Hit (Can You Feel It)
15. I'm So High
16. Ya Blind Boy
17. You Can Count On Me
18. Yeah We Do It
19. Love Ya Betta Wake Up
20. Wanna Get It On
21. (Skit) Danny Trejo (The Big City)
22. Get It In