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East Side Story Vol. 4

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  • 1.Jealous Kind of Fella - Garland Green
    2.It's the Way Nature Planned It - The Four Tops
    3.The Sly, Slick, & the Wicked - Lost Generation
    4.I Want to Pay You Back - The Chi-Lites
    5.Baby Is There Something On Your Mind - McKinley Travis
    6.Can't Get Over You (Once Again My World Is Misty Blue) - Dorothy Moore
    7.Outside Woman - Bloodstone
    8.Show Me How - Emotions
    9.I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow - The O'Jays
    10.That's How Heartaches Are Made - Baby Washington
    11.Begging You - The Royal Chessmen
    12.I've Got Love for My Baby - Younghearts