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Diamonique - Diamond In Da Ruff

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"Diamond In Da Ruff"

ODM, Dirty Bird, Sly Boogy Seldom seen and more..

Album Notes
Diamonique is has been making mad noise for a while now, and before she releases her newest album she wanted to give everyone who didn't’t get a chance to pick up her album the first time to pick it up with a whole new layout out. So of course she hooked up with Urban Kings which we made sure the whole new package was worth buying.


Song List
01. Diamond In Da’ Ruff (Intro)
02. Get It On
03. Trust
04. Taboo
05. Shake Da’ Rump
06. Xtacy
07. Flashback
08. Nasty Nique
09. Nananana (Feat. ODM)
10. Mind Do Ya’
11. Boom Bap
12. Hey, Hey, Hey (Feat. Dirty Bird, Seefor, Brgrtyme)
13. Da’ Call (Interlude)
14. Da’ Get Back (Feat. Sly Boogy, Dirty Bird)
15. I Don’t Give A Fuck (Feat. J-Walq, Dr. Stank, Seldom Seen, Seefor)
16. Back 2 Reality (Feat. Lunch)
17. Chain Reaction
18. Grind (Feat. Gambit)