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Danger- So Gangster

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* Song List
01. Raza Behind Me 
02. Bome On You |
03. Chicano Rap On The Next Level Feat Payaso From The Dukes Click 
04. Twizel feat South Central Cartel 
05. No Venemos A Jugar ( We didn't come to play) Feat Knightowl El Padrino 
06. Only G's Allowed 
07. Myspace Chula 
8.Nadiaen Se Mueve ( No body move) Taken From “Jefe Del Varrio” 
09. Dip Dip 10. In A Special Way 
11. Southern CalifaRap Feat Og Ms Krazie 
12. Brown P#@*y 
13. Holding The Heat 
14. Leaving it day by day 
15 Its Tha Urban Kings