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1. I Love You Madly (Fantastic Four) 
2. One Light Two Lights (The Satisfactions)
3. There's No One To Blame (Landy Nova) 
4. Put Me In Jail (Sunny Ozuna) 
5. Love Is Tears (Deniece Chandler) 
6. You're Living A Lie (Mike & The Censations) 
7. Gonna Try To Get You Back (Mike & The Censations) 
8. Easy Loving (Bo Kirkland and Ruth Davis) 
9. Symphonic Revolution (Sly Slick and Wicked) 
10. Ready For A Heartbreak (Ted Taylor) 
11. I Love The Way You Love Me (The Individuals) 
12. Blata Blata (Michael Kirkland) 
13. Guess Who (Sunny Ozuna) 
14. Deep Shadows (Little Ann) 
15. Please Come Home (Garland Green) 
16. Touchdown (Rare Gems Odyssey)