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1. How Could You Be So Cold (Grand Theft) 
2. Hey Love (The Younghearts) 
3. Cowboys To Girls (Gene Chandler) 
4. How Can I Pretend (Continental 4) 
5. Yes It's You (Barbara Mason) 
6. If I Could Be Like Columbus \"Where Would We Be\" (The Rotations) 
7. Don't Stop (Just Keep on Walking) (Showtime Inc.) 
8. I Loved and I Lost (The Escorts) 
9. For Your Love (Sam and Bill) 
10. To Get You Back Again (Barbara Lynn) 
11. Darlin' (Donny Gerrard) 
12. Champagne and Caviar (Elegant Taste) 
13. No One Else Will Do (Black Ivory) 
14. It Hurts So Much (The Superbs) 
15. Just In The Nick of Time (Chocolate Syrup) 
16. Have You Seen Her (Live!) (Frankie and The Spindles)