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1. Ooh I Love You (The Electrifying Cashmeres) 
2. You Can Be With The One You Don't Love (Barbara Mason) 
3. Run To Me (People's Choice) 
4. Sharing You (Sunny And The Sunliners) 
5. Should I Let Myself Go (The Optimistics) 
6. Isn't It Lonely (Hot Ice) 
7. Day By Day (Every Minute of The Hour) (The Escorts) 
8. Turned Around Over You (The Impeiral Wonders) 
9. I'll Erase Away Your Pain (The Whatnauts) 
10. Let Me Try (Crosstown Express) 
11. We're Gonna Be Together (The Dynamics) 
12. Storyteller (The Enticers) 
13. Never Had a Girl Like You (Sly Slick and Wicked) 
14. A Thousand Tommorrows (The Steelers) 
15. Let's Fall In Love (Spectrum) 
16. Strange Feelings (GQ)