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1. Stop Doubting My Love (Freedom Machine) 
2. Talk To Me Sometimes (The Village Choir) 
3. Wait (The Ballads) 
4. A Fork In The Road (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles) 
5. From His Woman To You (Barbara Mason) 
6. LetÕs Get Together (Arthur & Mary) 
7. I Want A Love I Can See (The Temptations)
8. Your Mother Understood (Abraham & His Sons) 
9. Beautiful People (Brenton Wood & M.C. Blvd) 
10. Gotta Get Away (Billy & The Bloodknots) 
11. New Girl In The Neighborhood (The Attractions) 
12. DonÕt Walk Away (Carl Carlton) 
13. Cross My Heart (G.Q.) 
14. Cause I Love You (Lenny Williams)