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1.'ll Always Love You (The Variations Of Love) 
2: That's When I'll Stop Loving You (Linda Jones) 
3: I Want Love (Brenton Wood) 
4: Baby Baby Please (Timothy Wilson) 
5: Your Time Is Gonna Come (Walter Webb & The Highlighters) 
6: He Knows My Key Is Always In The Mailbox (Vivian Copeland) 
7: Why Should We Stop Now (The Natural Four) 
8: One Life To Live (The Manhattans) 
9: We're Friends By Day Lovers By Night (The Whatnauts) 
10: Hey Mr. Lonesome (The Carltons) 
11: You Never Loved Me At All (Barbara Mason) 
12: Have You Had Any Heartaches Lately? (The 11th Commandment) 
13: Great Day (The Whispers) 
14: Victim Of Circumstance (Mike & The Censations) 
15: He's An Aries Man (Starbright) 
16: Farewell (The Ethics)