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1. Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You) (Mike James Kirkland) 
2. Don't Do It (The Sweet) 
3. Oh Love (Landy Nova) 
4. Shopping For A Love (Mike & The Censations) 
5. As Long As I Live ( I Live For You) (Fantastic Four) 
6. Tears Big As Cantaloupes (Richard \"Dimples\" Fields) 
7. YouÂ’ve Hurt Me Now (The Lovelites) 
8. Baby, I Apologize (Sunny Ozuna) 
9. The Power Of A Woman (Spencer Wiggins) 
10. Mr Heartbreak (The Delegation) 
11. A Million Miles To Paradise (Ronnie Cook & The Superbs) 
12. Honey Honey Honey (The Challengers) 
13. I Wish You Were Here (Joe Liggins Jr. & His Honey Drippers) 
14.My Dream (Sunny Ozuna) 
15. You Didn't Love Me Anyhow (Act One) 
16. What Did I Do Wrong (The Mayberry Movement) 
17. It DonÂ’t Take Much (Rare Gems Odyssey)