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Soul Oldies Vol. 14

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Lost Soul vol. 14  
1. One More Chance-MAsqueraders  
2. I've Tried-Rappers  
3. Cold Cold Love-Jeri & Joe  
4. Mad At The World-Epsilons  
5. What Am I-Gifts  
6. Little Girl-Lee Washington  
7. Mothers-Only Daughter  
8. Try To Understand-Little Hank  
9. Why Did I Go-Kool Blues  
10. How Much I Love You-Son's of Darkness  
11. Our Love Used To Be-Royal Esquires  
12. Put Another Dime In The Parking Meter-Bobby F  
13.The Groung You Walk On-Vanguards  
14.Trust In Me Baby-Soul Superiors  
15. I'm Not Like The Others-Little Jimmy Gandy  
16. Give A Little Love Marvin & Tammi 
17. No Time-Gliders  
18. Remember The Rain-21st Century  
19. Over My Dead Body-Benny & Tina  
20. The Sly, Slick & the Wicked- Doug Haynes  
21. There's Something The Matter-Cynthia & the Imaginations  
22. It's All Over-Walter Jackson