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Arte Laboe Presents: Viva Hip Hop Vol.3

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  • Out of Print
  • All Cds are physical cds
  • From the original press, not re pressed
  • Original Packing 
  • Not CDR
  • Rare and no longer made 
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1 Party Time [Different Version] (with Flakiss)
2 Daddy, I'm in Love with a Gangsta
3 Brown to the Bone
4 Mr. Party (with Chuy, Jr.) 
5 Tequila Bodyshots 
6 Latin Active (with Lighter Shade Of Brown) 
7 Move Your Body
8 Next to You
9 Rainy Days
10 I Can't Believe 
11 Got Me Twisted
12 Gangstas Get Lonely Too
13 Breezy
14 Down for Yours