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Chicano Rap Oldies Vol.2

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1.Intro - Mister D, Grizzly, Ese Bobby

2.I Want To go - Sleepymalo

3.Come - Mister D, Sleepymalo, Lil’ Crook

4.No Sunshine - DTTX, Mister D, Frank V

5.Let You Go - Sleepymalo

6.Blind - Lil Player

7.Dream - Sleepymalo

8.I’m So Proud - Mister D

9.Nothing Above You - Ghost

10.Nothing Above You - Ese Bobby

11.Que Onda - OG Spanish Fly

12.I Remember - Mister D

13.Mr. Big Stuff - Lil’ Crook

14.Love Don’t Live Here - Mister D