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Charlie Row Campo- Gang Tapes

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1.Choices- Chino Grande,baby Jokes,midget Loco
2.Skit- Mr.chino Grande
3.Give It Away Now- Chino Grande
4.Keep Runnin, Runnin- Baby Jokes
5.Murder Your Team- Midget Loco, Chino Grande
6.Empty Whitt Out You- Fiesty 2 Gunns,chino Grande
7.Strap On The Side Of Me- Chino Grande, Lil Minor, 
Midget Loco, Skandle Oso (Gee Mod)
8.Skit- Baby Jokes
9.Young, Free And Single- Chino Grande
10.dirt Off Your Shoulders- Baby Jokes, Chino Grande
11.homie, Homie, Homie- Midget Loco
12.skit- Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Gunns
W.13.summer Groove- Chino Grande, Baby Jokes
X.Slanging Glass- Baby Jokes, Lil Minor
15.tramp L1f3- Chino Grande
17.fresha Than A Mutha F#cker--baby Jokes, Jasper Loco Must Go On- Wreck (Wicked Minds), Chino Grande