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Carolyn Rodriguez: F#*k What They Think 2

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1.A1 Ft. Lil' Smitty

2.Lets Toke It Up Ft. Milton Bradley

3.Clothes Off Ft. Mr. Criminal

4.Like This Ft. Lil' Young

5.You Don't Know

6.Bet My Life Ft. Low G

7.FWTT Ft. YBE & Priscilla G

8.Faith Acapella

9.Love And War Ft. Juan Gotti, King Lil G & Low G

10.We Don't Care

11.So Hard Ft. Chino Grande

12.Brave Ft. SPM

13.MuthafukkaRmx Ft. Low G, Mr. Criminal & Juan Gotti

14.Alone Ft. Blaine Tate

15.Like This