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Baby Wicked: Story Telling 2

$9.99 USD

1.Que Quieren De Mi

2.Mira Papi Ft. Icepik, Baby Wicked, Giganti Gk, Yogi Loke

3.Life So Twisted

4.Mistakes Ft. Young Trav

5.Mi Amor Ft. Alex El Kallejero

6.Fuck Away Ft. Icepik, Kali

7.Marihuana Ft. Icepik

8.Waiting For You Ft. Jojo, On Tha Hook

9.Watching Me On The T.V

10.Diamond In The Ghetto Ft. Weeto

11.We’re Back Ft. Baby G, Morenita GGR

12.Chronic Blunt Ft. Chino Grande, Cuete Yeska

13.Haters Bang, Bang Ft. Morenita, Estilo On The Hook

14.The Battle Ft. Mz. Lovely, Mia Diamond

15.Come Back To Me Ft. Chino 4RM Maniacos

16.Groupies Ft. G Double, Bella Bee & Weeto

17.Enemies Ft. Morenita

18.You’re My Everything Ft. Morenita, Laura G

19.Tu Amor Es De Otra Ft. Ms. Krazie